Chris Christensen 7.5" Competition Comb Medium/Coarse (#508)

CHRISCHRISTENSEN:Competition Comb 7.5" (508)
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The Chris Christensen Competition Comb is perfect for the Salon Groomer, Competition Groomer, Dog Show Enthusiast or At-Home Groomer aiming for greater consistency in their grooms. This industry-first product is equipped with measurement lines on the spine to allow any groomer the ability to check their work with ease for consistency in cut length throughout the body and legs, and to ensure conformity to breed standard cuts. These easy-to-use combs are perfect for any coat type requiring scissor work; as well as wire coated breeds, drop coats, double coats, and setter/spaniels. Each comb is packed in a high-quality leatherette case to protect your comb for storage and during transport.

• Perfect for any groomer aiming for greater consistency in their work
• Measurement lines on spine sides (CM and IN)
• High-quality alloy aluminum spine
• Stainless steel, medium/fine coarse teeth built to withstand the toughest environments