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MPN: H633, H647, H634, P952, P482, P273,H622, H626
Doodle Pack H633, H647, H634, P952, P482, P273,H622, H626
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Artero Doodle Pack - the ultimate grooming solution tailored to meet the unique needs of your beloved Doodle. This thoughtfully curated bundle includes 8 essential professional products, each meticulously chosen to cater to the specific requirements of Doodle breeds. Elevate your grooming routine with these exceptional products that promise to deliver remarkable results and enhance your Doodle's natural beauty.

Contents of the Artero Doodle Pack:

1. Speed Dry Shampoo - 5.9oz (H633): Experience the convenience of cleanliness without the need for water or rinsing. Artero's Speed Dry Shampoo is designed to effortlessly refresh your Doodle's coat, restoring its vibrancy and luster, all without the hassle of traditional bathing.

2. Matt-X Dematter - 10.1oz (H647): Combat mats and tangles effectively with the powerful Matt-X Dematter. This remarkable solution helps undo mats and conditions damaged hair, ensuring your Doodle's coat remains healthy and tangle-free. The non-greasy, anti-static formula aids brushing and leaves a silky-smooth finish.

3. Flash/Shine Conditioning Spray - 7.1oz (H634): Elevate your Doodle's coat with the Flash/Shine Conditioning Spray. This remarkable product adds shine and softness to the coat, making it more manageable and enhancing its natural radiance.

4. Double Flexible Slicker M (P952): Unlock the potential of the Double Flexible Slicker M, a versatile brush that adapts to your Doodle's coat. With its innovative design and dual sides featuring varying pin thicknesses, it's perfect for spreading hair, opening coats, and untangling knots.

5. Dematting Slicker - Medium (P482): Tackle tough tangles with the Dematting Slicker. Its ergonomic design and fine pins help remove mats, leaving your Doodle's coat smoother and more comfortable.

6. Giant Comb Gold (P273): Grooming perfection is within your reach with the Giant Comb Gold. Its precision-crafted teeth glide effortlessly through your Doodle's coat, ensuring it's free from tangles and knots.

7. Vitalizing Shampoo - 9oz (H622): Rejuvenate your Doodle's coat with the Vitalizing Shampoo. Formulated to enhance texture and shine, this shampoo leaves your Doodle feeling refreshed and looking its best.

8. Protein Vital Conditioner - 3.46oz (H626): Complete the grooming experience with the Protein Vital Conditioner. This nourishing formula enriches the coat, leaving it soft, smooth, and revitalized.

The Artero Doodle Pack is more than just a collection of grooming products – it's a commitment to your Doodle's well-being and beauty. Embrace the power of professional grooming and unlock a world of exceptional care for your furry friend. Order the Artero Doodle Pack today and experience the joy of grooming like never before.