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Artero Curly Coat Pack 6 items
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Artero Curly Coat Pack – an expertly curated collection of 6 essential grooming items, meticulously chosen to cater to the distinct needs of your beloved curly-coated companion. This thoughtfully crafted bundle offers a comprehensive range of products that promise to enhance your curly-coated pet's natural beauty, making grooming a delightful experience for both you and your furry friend.

Contents of the Artero Curly Coat Pack:

1. Speed Dry Shampoo - 5.9oz (H633): Experience the convenience of quick cleanliness without water or rinsing. Artero's Speed Dry Shampoo is specially designed for curly-coated pets, instantly refreshing their coat and restoring its vitality without the need for a full bath.

2. Flash/Shine Conditioning Spray - 7.1oz (H634): Elevate your curly-coated pet's look with the Flash/Shine Conditioning Spray. This remarkable product adds a glossy shine to the coat, enhancing its natural luster and making it more manageable and beautiful.

3. Double Flexible Slicker M (P952): Discover the versatility of the Double Flexible Slicker M. Its innovative design adapts to your pet's curly coat, providing optimal brushing comfort. With dual sides featuring pins of varying thickness, it effortlessly untangles knots and enhances the texture of your pet's unique coat.

4. Giant Comb Gold (P273): Achieve grooming excellence with the Giant Comb Gold. Specifically designed for curly coats, its precision-crafted teeth glide smoothly through your pet's curls, ensuring they remain tangle-free and impeccably groomed.

5. Vitalizing Shampoo - 9oz (H622): Infuse life into your curly-coated pet's coat with the Vitalizing Shampoo. Formulated to enhance texture and shine, this shampoo leaves your pet's curls revitalized and full of bounce.

6. Protein Vital Conditioner - 3.46oz (H626): Complete the grooming experience with the Protein Vital Conditioner. This enriching formula nourishes and hydrates your pet's curls, leaving them soft, smooth, and full of life.