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Enhance your grooming toolkit with the Kenchii Flash Clipper Blades Bundle, available in two versatile variants. Designed for use with Kenchii Flash Clippers, these high-quality blades ensure precision and efficiency for all grooming needs. Choose between the 4-piece and 6-piece bundles to suit your specific requirements.

Bundle Variants:

  1. 4-Piece Bundle:

    • 3F Blade: Ideal for achieving a longer, smooth cut.
    • 4F Blade: Perfect for medium-length cuts with a smooth finish.
    • 5F Blade: Great for shorter cuts and precise grooming.
    • 7F Blade: Designed for very short, close cuts.


  2. 6-Piece Bundle:

    • 4-Piece Bundle
    • Standard Blade: Adjustable sizes 30-15-10-9-8 for versatile cutting lengths.
    • Detailer Blade: Adjustable sizes 40-30-15-10-9, perfect for fine detailing and precision work.

  3. 8-Piece Bundle:

    • 6-Piece Bundle
    • Flash #30 blade
    • Kenchii Flash5 Clipper 8-Piece Comb Set

Note: Flash Blades are only compatible with the Flash Clipper. Not compatible with Flash5 Clipper. #30 blade is required to use Flash5 8-piece comb set with the Flash Clipper.