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Artero:Bathroom Mat (W832)
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The cat and dog mat is a non-slip bath mat that provides comfortable, lightweight support. Prevents unwanted slipping and stress on pets. Its material is soft and resistant.



This PVC mat for dogs and cats is designed to make the bathing experience more comfortable and safe for pets:

- Great cushioning capacity with a thickness of 1 cm, so it can support even large dogs.
- It is wide, with measurements of 107 x 56 cm. 
- It has a terry texture that gives it a non-slip effect , even on metal or plastic surfaces. This allows the dog or cat to stand upright in the tub without slipping or shaking due to insecurity.
- Totally filters water and foam, which helps to achieve an easier and faster rinse.
- Can be easily rolled or folded for handling and storage. When unrolled or unfolded, it quickly recovers its shape.
- Its thickness and padded texture provide the dog with great comfort and relaxation at bath time. 
- Machine washable in cold water. 
- Soft and comfortable to the touch, so it does not harm the animal or the hairdressing tools.
- Design is ideal for use by professionals in the care and aesthetics of dogs and cats. This is so thanks to the fact that it improves the performance of the bathtubs commonly used even in spaces specialised in dog grooming.
- Insulates from the cold that comes from the metal or ceramic of the bathtub, which allows the dog or cat to relax. This makes the hairdresser's job easier.
- The material it adheres well to the bathtub preventing the mat from moving easily. 
- Very resistant to wear and tear.


How to use the PVC mat for dogs and cats
The padded mat for dogs and cats Splash by Artero is extremely practical and easy to use:

- Unroll or unfold the PVC mat and spread it over the surface of the bathtub or platform to proceed to bathe the dog or cat.
- When you finish using it, rinse it thoroughly and let it drain and then dry it in a ventilated place.
- Roll up and store in a dry and well ventilated place, preferably inside a cover.

Composition of padded mat for dogs and cats
This bathtub cover is very thick, and is made of high-quality materials that make it flexible and resistant. All this following the strictest quality controls.

-This mat for dogs and cats is made of the highest quality PVC silicone.