Artero Perfect Duo - for dematting & brushing

MPN: Artero Duo (H647, P952)
Artero Perfect Duo (H647, P952)
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Artero Perfect Duo – the ultimate grooming combination designed to tackle mats, knots, and tangles with unparalleled efficiency. This thoughtfully curated bundle consists of two exceptional products that work in harmony to transform your pet's grooming experience into one of ease and excellence.

Matt-X Dematter - 10.1oz (H647): Unleash the power of Artero's Matt-X Dematter, an extraordinary solution for dematting that redefines grooming ease. This remarkable spray delivers swift and effective mat and knot removal, making grooming a breeze for both you and your furry friend. Designed for dogs and cats, this de-matter not only undoes mats but also conditions damaged hair, leaving behind a silky smooth and lustrous coat. With its non-greasy, anti-static formula, brushing becomes a pleasure, revealing a healthier, happier pet.

Double Flexible Slicker M (P952): Experience the next level of grooming versatility with the Double Flexible Slicker M. This exceptional slicker brush is ingeniously designed with a metal flex-head plate that adapts to the surface being brushed. Whether it's the gray side with thin pins for gentle spreading and coat opening, or the black side with thick pins for effective knot untangling, this slicker brush offers optimal results with every stroke. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort, while the flexible head plate enables adaptability to various coat types.