Artero Double Slicker-Brush Nature Collection (P957)

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FEATURES: The slicker-brush is ideal for brushing the fine hair of cats and dogs.

- It is made with top quality materials, such as resistant ecological bamboo.

- Has 0.78'' super flexible pins, a rubber pad base for greater comfort.

- Has the air-cushion rubber system, which allows a better adaptability of the pins to conform to the surface of the animal.

- With extra-long pins for a greater range of mobility  throughtout the coat.

- Provides a great effect of volume to the coat.

- Recyclable cardboard packaging.

TYPE OF COAT: All types and lengths of coats.

FOR: Dogs and cats.

SIZE: 9.8'' X 2.6''


HOW TO USE: The following steps are recommended for the use of this slicker-brush for pets:

- Step 1. Brushing. Brush the dog from head to tail in a gentle manner and covering the entire coat to remove shedding hair

- Step 2. Knots, if any, open first with a Knot Cutter and then brush with the slicker-brush.

- Step 3. Remember that when brushing the pet, the pet should not be worried or anxious about sensitivity and pain due to tangles or knots. If the pet is nervous, take it easy and give it a toy during the process.


BENEFITS: Brushing your dog or cat has a variety of advantages that make it a valuable and enjoyable activity, such as the following:

- Regular brushing keeps the skin and coat healthy by removing annoying knots and keeping the coat clean for dogs and cats.

- Natural oils soften and add shine the coat, as brushing well allows the pet's skin to breathe and these natural fluids to spread better.

- Well-brushed coats help the dog regulate its body temperature.

- Helps expose fleas and ticks, as brushing them can be noticed in the process.

- Bumps, sore spots or lesions can be identified that might otherwise be hidden from view by tangled fur.

- Prevents skin problems caused by nipping and fur balls.

- Pet brushing creates a positive experience between the pet and its caregiver before visiting a professional groomer.